Poor Close Trust


Are you aware of the above Trust ?

Within the Parish of Waddingham & Brandy Wharf, there are 21.50 acres of

land which are rented out to a local Farmer. The income received from this is

managed by the Waddingham Poor Close Trust, a Registered Charity and is

used to provide a small donation to each qualifying household.

The Trust meets once a year and arranges to distribute a contribution to any

household with a Pensioner or Pensioners residing in the Parish of

Waddingham & Brandy Wharf.

If you are 65 or over by 1st December 2017 and live in the Parish of

Waddingham & Brandy Wharf you qualify and will be entitled to receive this

small donation (one donation per household).

If you meet the above criteria and have not previously received any funding

from the Poor Close Trust, please contact the Secretary to the Trust by letter

or email by 30th November 2017.

Thank You.

Pete Wainwright,

Secretary, Waddingham Poor Close Trust,

Belmont Lodge, 1 The Wolds, Waddingham, DN21 4RE.