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Waddingham and Brandy Wharf Neighbourhood Plan Project Team

Call for Development Sites

A Neighbourhood Development Plan, under the provisions of the Localism Act 2012 (a process actively supported by West Lindsey District Council) is being developed by the Waddingham and Brandy Wharf Neighbourhood Plan Project Team for the Waddingham and Brandy Wharf Parish.   As part of its work in assessing future development needs, the Neighbourhood Plan Project Team are calling upon landowners and managers of land within the Parish of Waddingham and Brandy Wharf for expressions of interest in applying for future development permission.

The ‘call for sites’ is an informal opportunity for individuals and organisations to propose sites within Waddingham and Brandy Wharf for development. The exercise will not in itself decide whether a site should be allocated for development, nor will it commit the proposer(s) to applying for planning consent, but it will enable the Plan Project Team to better understand the needs and wishes of the electors within its Parish area. The site suggestions received by us will be used to inform the preparation of the Allocations of Land and Site Development section of the Neighbourhood Plan. This will, if adopted by the village town, become a statutory part of “Central Lincolnshire Local Plan” (CLLP)

Basic  Expression of Interest Information required:

Name and/or Organisation proposing the development:

Confirmation you are the landowner or the agent/manager of the site:

Contact Address:

Telephone #:


A brief description of where the land is situated:

If possible please provide a simple location plan so that the precise position of the site within the Parish can be correctly established.


Expression of Interest  Form

Waddingham Parish Map

Waddingham Centre Map

Please return by February 15th 2018 by hand/post to Neighbourhood Plan Project Team , The Elms, High Street, Waddingham, Lincs, DN214SW Or email the information to

Please do not hesitate to contact the Town Clerk or the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Project Team  Cllr. Colin Metcalfe 01673818164  if you would like further information or would like to discuss a proposal. The call for sites part of the project is expected to continue until mid February 2018.

More Information

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (under the Localism Act) enables communities to establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood. Certain steps have to be taken to comply with the legislation, including independent examination and a local referendum, before the plan can be adopted. Once this happens decision-makers will be obliged, by law, to take what it says into account when they consider proposals for development in the neighbourhood.

How does it work within the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process?

The procedure used to achieve the incorporation of proposed sites into the final plan will first involve the site suggestions being published at various times within the Town Council’s consultation process. They will be identified on a Proposals Map which will also show areas of existing and proposed protection. The map will be indicative of ‘work in progress’ which is liable to on-going change as fresh expressions of development interest and proposals for protection (obtained through the consultation process) are received. At an appropriate point in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, the contents of the Proposals Map will be tested by a sustainability appraisal and considered in the light of the consultation responses received from the town’s electors. It is likely that not all proposals received will pass successfully through this stage of the process and reasons why this is so, will be advised to the proposers and published within the town.  Proposals passing the consultation and sustainability tests will be included in the Allocations of Site Development part of the plan.

In accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act, the resultant Neighbourhood Plan will go through an independent examination and a final parish referendum, before being adopted.

What is the application process?

If you want a site, or indeed several sites, to be considered for development, we should like to hear from you. The sites need not be in your ownership if you have a responsibility for managing them and they can be proposals for a wide range of development uses. For each site that you would like considered, please complete a Call for Sites Application Form.